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Teacher Training at Yoga Beach House

I've just emerged from running the first TTC at Yoga Beach House as the lead trainer, an experience that has plunged me deeper into my yogic lifestyle and transformed the lives of 8 other yogis. For a few years I asked myself the question, should I run a TTC as I started to have a number of students ask me about becoming teachers.

The Full Moon and You

Have you ever felt a little over emotional, stressed or depleted of energy around the time of the full moon?  This is the experience of many people, emotions seem heightened, tensions come to the surface, it is a time to be aware of, to take care of ourselves and our relationships.  Many yogis chose not to practice the asana side of their yoga practice during this time as there is a greater risk of injury when the moon is full. 


Depression. Feelings of despair, great sadness, worthlessness, a label that has become ubiquitous. Is this a product of the consumer-driven society fueled by images of perfection? Why does anyone need to suffer trying to live up to this imagined ideal?

Morning yoga on the beach

It’s almost summer again and I can’t wait to teach yoga on the beach!  I started teaching yoga on the beach when I first arrived in Biscarrosse, before I had my studio space and it is truly magical. Beach yoga class start early enough for there to be very few people around, except for a few fishermen or keen surfers, we have the golden sands to ourselves.

Your body after a baby

I started practising yoga around 4 weeks after giving birth, I felt ready and I needed to do it for my own wellbeing. I began gently but quickly felt strong enough to progress to a more demanding practice. And now 2 years later