Do you have the perfect life? You look great, you have a good job, a nice home but something isn’t right. You have a secret that no-one else knows.

There’s a little voice inside your head and it’s getting louder, telling you that you aren’t good enough, that you will fail and that you will never be good enough. But you are too afraid to do anything about it because if you do everything will come crashing down around you. 

Well you can stop hiding now. I can see you. And I can help.

Hi I'm Rachel. I used to believe that as long as I looked good on the outside no-one would ever guess how much I was suffering on the inside.

The reality was as follows - I had chronic low self esteem, no self confidence, I was jealous and judgemental, I saw every woman as a potential threat to me, I thought I was unloveable and that any partner would leave me but I longed for children and a family, I hated my job but I didn't know what I could do instead. 

Life was a struggle. I had no dreams and suffered from addictions

Through a process of yoga and coaching I learnt how to evolve into the woman that I am today. I want to share everything that I have learnt with you so that you can evolve your own life and potentially the lives of everyone around you. 

Do you value yourself? How much do you think you’re worth? Take my self care assessment to see how much you love yourself. 

In both her professional and personal lives, Rachel has evolved a state of shame and lack into a life of clarity and abundance. Her fear and her doubt have transformed to become a thriving business with integrity, doing work she loves.
— Elena Brower, Global Yogi & co-author Art of Attention




Work with me

Without a doubt the best 5 weeks of my life. I had no idea how transformative the teacher training would be. Rachel was an incredible teacher and mentor.
— Ruth Lynch, TTC Graduate 2016

Learn more about Self Esteem, Self Care & Sobriety in my Journal

The transformation you initiated and the process you set me up for is helping me to be much more with people, because I’m more with myself. I never thought things would start to happen so quickly! Thank you Rachel. Not many people have changed my life as much as you did and still do.
— Julia Kannewischer, TTC graduate June 2017