All I want for Christmas is Consciousness

Last year I had an over indulgent Christmas.  I worked hard all year and then spent my holidays spending money, drinking alcohol and eating chocolate, brainwashed by the madness that surrounds Christmas. This led to my second burnout of my career and I was in bed unable to do anything for 2 months.  Looking back I am grateful that I suffered this burnout because I made the decision to stop drinking alcohol

Full Moon Self Care Ritual for December

The full moon in December falls on the 3rd of this month at 16.46, GMT+1.  This full moon is in Gemini, the sign of communication, our instinct is to communicate, think, and learn under the influence of Moon in Gemini. The full moon in Gemini also gives us an opportunity to shine light on any area of our life where we may be saying (or thinking) one thing yet doing another. Gemini also represents our inner child and so presents us with a great opportunity to balance and release any pain from our childhood.

Self Care and Burnout Prevention for Yoga Teachers

Imagine you are taking a flight and the air hostess explains that in the event of an emergency you must put your own oxygen mask on first before helping anyone else. I could never understand this. I would think to myself, "Why would I do that? Take care of myself before my loved ones, is she insane? She must've got it wrong."

The No Poo Method

I haven’t used shampoo or conditioner now for 2 years and my hair has never looked healthier. I started using the no poo method because I was sick of having to wash my hair everyday, even when I washed it it felt and looked greasy. I was also concerned about the chemicals that I was overloading my body with every time I used shampoo and conditioner.  

Full Moon Self Care Ritual for November 2017

The full moon in November falls on the 4th of this month at 06.23 GMT +1.  This full moon is in Taurus, the first earth sign which is ruled by Venus.  The energy will be abundant and beautiful leading to harmonious relationships.  The main theme for this full moon is safety and security.  It's a very powerful time to let go of things that aren't serving you anymore and to harness the vitality and potent powerful energy of the moon to focus on looking towards your future, creating a stable vision for your environment, your home, your family. 

Transform fear into love this Halloween

It's Halloween, the time for ghosts and ghouls, the spookiest time of the year.  However did you know that the origins of Halloween were not so spooky?  Halloween originates from Samhain, a Celtic festival which marks the end of the Harvest season and the beginning of Winter, the darkest time of the year.  It was also a liminal time when the boundaries between life and death were thought to be at their thinnest. 

The Sobriety Stone

If you've ever been to Yoga Beach House you will see lots of crystals placed in various places around the studio and home, to protect, calm, energise and support our practices.  Did you know that there is a crystal that can help you in your choice to be sober?

New Moon Self Care Ritual for October 2017

The new moon in October falls on the 19th of this month. It's a very powerful time to let go of things that aren't serving you anymore and to invite new things into your life.  This new moon is in Libra which makes it all about balance.  In order to find balance we need to ground ourselves. Take a moment to complete this short ritual which will help you to ground and then balance. 

The Comparison Cobweb

Do you ever fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others without even realising you are doing it? Is there a part of you that wants to snoop on someone else's social media newsfeed just to make sure that you are better than them? I know I do it and I know that it never does me any good.

Yin'ing at Life

Do you love to run headlong at life?  Do you feel guilty if you don't put 100% into everything that you do?  Do you have to be the best at everything?  I know I do, it's the only way to get results right? Well not exactly. In fact, running headlong into life, full steam ahead is the sure fire way to reach burn out or adrenal fatigue. We all need some downtime, especially if you are an adrenilin junkie perfectionist like me.

Nice girls do not listen to their intuition

Your husband says something that winds you up but you don’t respond because you don’t want to cause an argument. Your boss belittles you for something you didn’t do but you don’t stand up for yourself because you don’t know how to without getting into trouble with him. Your Mother says something so outrageous you feel yourself seething inside but you don’t say anything to her because you want to keep the peace. Your intuition is telling you something but you dismiss it and don’t do as it says. Sounds like you?  Read on. 

Alcohol. Friend or Foe?

Alcohol. What do you think about it? Is it a harmless even healthy addition to a meal, it helps you to relax and socialise or is it addictive, deadly and more dangerous than crack cocaine?  For me it will always be the latter.