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5 Elements to Look for when Choosing an Online Yoga Teacher Training

yoga teacher training Jul 06, 2020

With the cancellation of many in-person retreats and trainings due to COVID-19 many yoga schools have adopted and are offering programs online, myself included. It was pretty hard to choose the right teacher training program before COVID. Many of my students have describe it as a minefield and really overwhelming to the point it takes them months even years to decide. 

With in-person trainings you can narrow the search down with tangible filters like country, venue and accommodation to help decide. But with online programs the focus is quite rightly on the lead teacher, course content, support and community. Teachers and schools can now longer hide behind fancy venues and schedules to distract from a mediocre offer.

If you are investing time and money in your learning, you will be looking for the best quality training. A training that includes these 5 important elements to look for when choosing an online yoga teacher training certification program.

These are the core foundations that I base all my classes, workshops and trainings on whether on or offline.

1. Safe and Sustainable Asana Practice
Skillful, articulate mindful movement instruction and sequencing so your students are taught a safe and sustainable asana practice with a comprehensive foundation of anatomy and physiology. 

2. Authentic Values and Code of Ethics to ‘Live like a Yogi’
To inspire confidence to express your highest self in your teachings and daily life. Skills to equip you with the ability to walk the talk and live the lifestyle the benefits you and expresses your own values.

3. Connection to Self
Practice of yoga and the connection of the mind, body, breath to develop a higher consciousness of the self to enable awareness and analysis of automatic thought processes.

4. Emphasis of the Breath.
Exploration of the breath to enable physical and emotional control

5. Community to Share the Journey
To encourage and develop the importance of being part of a community of like minded people on a similar path willing to share, inspire and support.

My aim is to help guide you and navigate the minefield in finding a yoga teacher training that is right for you with one that is reputable, ethical and has integrity to the yoga principles.

These new ways of learning are putting more responsibility on ourselves to do the work in our own time and space so my aim is to ensure I inspire and motivate you to enable your goals. If your goal is to teach yoga online, offline or even just teach yourself then for sure you are making a difference in the world.

Do reach out if you feel I can guide you on your path. I invite to connect with by email today and we discuss your options and whether any of my online or offline courses are suitable for you. 

For now, live your life with love, truth and integrity.