Hi I'm Rachel.

After years of alcohol addiction, anxiety, depression, meaningless relationships and a career that I despised I realised I was suffering from chronic low self esteem and low self confidence. 

Now I’m a qualified Yoga Coach registered with Yoga Alliance as E-RYT 200, with a BSc in Psychology specialising in human development.

I help people who suffer from chronic low self esteem to learn more about the disorder and how to increase their own levels of self esteem.  I help conquer the issues arising from low self esteem including anxiety, depression, addiction and more. 

Using a holistic approach to the problem I created tools to combat my own low self esteem that I use on a daily basis. You can too. 

You are in the right place if you struggle with perfectionism, your own self care routine, self esteem and self confidence, if you suffer from anxiety and depression, if you have an addiction or if you dream of a better life.

I am a yoga teacher and coach, a wife and mother, I run my own retreats and teacher trainings at the Yoga Beach House which I co-own with my husband. I am confident, happy and I have the greatest respect for myself. I am living the life of my dreams full of abundance, a life that I love, surrounded with people that I love.

However life wasn’t always like this for me. 

My Journey

10 years ago I was addicted to alcohol, using it as my means of survival in a life that I despised. I hated my job, my life and most importantly myself yet to look at me you wouldn't believe that I was so insecure and full of self hatred. I was crippled by my own jealously and judgements, trapped in a prison of my own creation. I didn't know how to get out.

I was drowning in alcohol, guilt, shame and self loathing.

I hated my job but didn't know how to leave because it was my only source of income and I was verging on bankruptcy. I didn't love my partner but I was too afraid to finish the relationship for fear of being alone. I couldn't stand to spend anytime alone, even my free time was filled with the noise of the radio or television but I had no real friends or connection with people. I desperately wanted a family but was afraid I would never have children because I was abusing my body with alcohol. I wanted to be of service to the world but I had no idea what I could do. I had no dreams or visions for my own future, my live revolved around surviving each day with alcohol as my support. I was obsessed with my own image, I had to look good on the outside so that no-one suspected my dirty little secret that inside I actually hated myself. I was scared I would be found out for the fraud that I was, a worthless, good for nothing loser.

My breakthrough came when I became a yogi. I was introduced to the idea of becoming a yoga teacher by my husband James. He has a unique gift and is able to see talents and light in people that they cannot see themselves. I embarked on my teacher training and the transformation began. I fell in love with myself and my life. 

Yoga gave me the freedom to explore the parts of me that I had hidden for so long, the parts that I was ashamed of exposing.

The more I learnt the more I wanted to know. I began to search deeply into my own soul to fill the hole of emptiness that I felt around my life with meaning. Teachers and mentors came flooding into my life where once there were none. I employed a coach to evolve myself further and continued to make progress.

Since yoga came into my life I've never looked back. I keep advancing and evolving, refining my dreams and future. It just keeps on getting better and better! I continue to work on myself, it's like going to the gym, the work is never finished. I am living the life of my dreams. My beautiful daughter, husband, home and business. I serve others and in serving them I increase my own sense of self worth. I love my life. I love myself. 

Find out how you can work with me.

In both her professional and personal lives, Rachel has evolved a state of shame and lack into a life of clarity and abundance. Her fear and her doubt have transformed to become a thriving business with integrity, doing work she loves.
— Elena Brower, Coach and co-author Art of Attention

Training, Certificates & Awards

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours 2:1 in Psychology from the University of Bristol specialising in adult and child development                             
  • Yoga Siromani registered with Yoga Alliance - E-RYT 200
  • Lead teacher for Yoga Alliance 200 hours yoga teacher training at Yoga Beach House
  • Internationally recognised teacher training diploma from the renowned Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Paris
  • Qualified Core Strength Vinyasa teacher training with Sadie Nardini - Rock Star, Evolution and the Journey courses
  • Headstand workshops training with Kino MacGregor  
  • "Life Coaching for Yoga Practitioners" teacher training with Elena Brower
  • Anatomy 101 trained with Noah Maze
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga yoga trained with Jaime Amor
  • Evolutionary Prana Vinyasa training with Shiva Rea
  • Classes taught predominately in French & English
  • Neal's Yard Remedies Organic consultant, join my team here to receive 20% off your favourite products