Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself.....

It started on the 20th January. The fear crept in and I couldn't shut it out. I am not a fearful person, nor am I a worrier. I trust that things happen for a reason, that there is a force bigger than us at work and we cannot always see the bigger picture in our limited capacities as human beings. 

But I couldn't stop the fear. It began to grow, fed by stories popping up on my social media timeline, boo!.....something terrible is about to happen. Each new day, a new story, a new fear, when is it going to stop? 

This morning I took my dog for a walk on the beach. Huge expansive sky, roaring ocean, sand beneath my feet. Here the fear abated. I could hear my heart again and she said,

"Look at these forces of nature all around you, all so much bigger than your fear. Fear is your own creation. You choose the life that you live. What's it going to be?"

Today I choose to let go of the fear. I choose to take a break from social media feeds, shocking me into a paralysed state. I choose to decide when, where, how and if I receive "news information". And I continue my work for all humanity and our evolution.

If you too are feeling the fear, take a break from social media. Get out into the fresh air and breathe. See friends and connect.  Look after yourself and then you can look after others more effectively. 

Remind yourself that the world is still a beautiful place.