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Why do more yoga training after 200 hours?

yoga teacher training Feb 09, 2018

So you've completed the sought after 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certificate,  what next? I often get asked this question as it isn't always clear what training you need to do if any after completing your initial training course. 

The first thing to say is that it is really important that you allow all that you have learnt to digest, to ruminate and to settle. You need some time to start to use all that you have learnt, to take it on and adapt it to your teachings and lifestyle. 

I recommend you wait a year after your first 200 hours training, unless you have decided that you want to specialise in a teaching a specific area like teaching children or pregnant women.  However if you don't want to teach children or specialise it is better to take some time before embarking on anything new.  

Yoga Alliance state here that: 

"Every three years starting from your initial date of registration, each RYT and E-RYT must complete and log a minimum of:

  • 45 hours teaching yoga

  • 30 hours of yoga related training

  • At least 10 training hours must be Contact Hours

  • No more than 20 training hours may be Non-Contact Hours.

Continuing Education hours should be spent learning something new, through research, study or experiential learning, rather than synthesising or processing prior knowledge. "

My school, 'Rachel Hanberry Yoga' is a designated YACEP ( Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider)  to offer Continuing Education programs that you can use towards your continuing education requirements with Yoga Alliance and your personal professional development as a yoga teacher. Yoga Alliance highlights that;

 "We are all students of yoga. Regardless of how accomplished you are as a teacher, success should inspire continued learning and growth. Each RYT must meet the following Continuing Education (CE) Requirements on an ongoing basis."

So in short hold back from rushing to take another training unless you want to specialise. 

I recommend you make sure that you are completing 30 hours of training every 3 years as required by Yoga Alliance. 

If you have any queries about further education do get in touch, I am here to serve you.