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Suffering from Perfectionism Syndrome

I used to be such a perfectionist, you could even go far as to say that I have been suffering from perfectionist syndrome.  

Perfectionism often manifests in us feeling not good enough to do something. It can really be our own worst enemies. 

I procrastinated about everything in my life from booking a flight to go on holiday to what I was choosing for lunch because I wanted to get it perfect.  I missed out on many opportunities where I could've connected more deeply to the people that I loved or took a risk and shone at something that I excelled at but stopped myself from doing so because of fear of criticism, judgement or rejection.

Does this sound like you?  Do you have projects that you have half finished? Conversations you have started but never completed? Dreams that you have never even dared to implement? Are you afraid to speak up in front of someone because you won't say exactly the right thing?

You too could be suffering from perfectionism syndrome.

And so I would like to offer you the chance to put your perfectionism to one side tomorrow. 

Make a list of all the things that you aren't doing because of one reason or another. Look at conversations, personal projects, relationships, work and dreams.  And then for one day I dare you to do one thing to take a step forward in any of these areas. Just choose one thing for one day and make one effort.

I dare you to speak up without being afraid.  I dare you to complete your project even if it isn't perfect. I dare you to finish that conversation. I dare you to just be you. 

Give yourself the permission to be a perfectionist in recovery. Getting over yourself. One day at a time. I dare you!

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