Overcome Procrastination When Researching Your Yoga Teacher Training

Are you thinking of doing a Yoga Teacher Training Certificate program? Have you been researching for ages. Here is 3 simple questions to help overcome procrastination, thanks to Polly! 

Meet Polly. She is 36, feeling fed up, she's not really sure what her purpose is in life but she knows that she wants to make a change to something.  She loves yoga and has dreamt about teaching one day.  She's done a lot of research around teacher training courses and she has found one that she loves.  However she has doubts -

  1. She is afraid of being rejected from the application process

  2. If she isn't rejected she is afraid that she won't be good enough on the course

  3. She is afraid that her family won't cope without her for the 3 weeks that she is away from them

We are all Polly. We all have doubts, fears, worries and procrastinations that come up to sabbotage us and our attempts to create a life that we have dreamt of.  This is normal and to be expected especially when we embark on a journey of transformation.  So how can we work through these procrastinations and step out of our comfort zone into the zone of excellence to enable transformation to take place?

The key is to recognise when we are self sabbotaging which isn't easy because it is difficult to see ourselves when we are in our ego.  So how can we step out of our ego? When worries, fears, doubts or anxieties arise, stop and take time out to write down everything that you are feeling.  Don't hold back, write your stream of consciousness out onto paper so that you can actually see the thoughts that are going on in your own head.  

Ask yourself these 3 simple questions -

  1. Are my thoughts really true or am I procrastinating because I am afraid?

  2. What is the worst thing that could happen?

  3. What is the potential cost for me to NOT take this action

Let's look at Polly's worries again, if she isn't accepted onto the course she hasn't lost anything, she still has her job, her current lifestyle.  If she is accepted someone believes that she is good enough to complete the course, perhaps she could talk to the lead teacher about her fears.  Her family will miss her but they will cope perfectly well without her, in fact by doing this for herself they will benefit in so many ways that her discomfort of being away from them pales in comparison.  They will learn that it is ok for her to take time for herself to follow her dream and to put her own self care first. They will also benefit from all the knowledge that she will bring back to the home.  Costs could include burnout in her current job, a reduction in her own self esteem and self confidence, her family would also suffer from her decision, she might even harbour some resentment towards them. 

Transformation can only take place when we step out of our own comfort zone.  Most of us live safely in our comfort zone every single day of our lives until something such as illness or exhaustion forces us to step out of it. Instead of waiting for this to happen why not start to take small steps outside of your ordinary life to ensure you are in control of your own destiny. Don't delay, choose an extraordinary life today!