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Do one thing consistently every day

connection ritual Jul 16, 2020

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of self care stuff we are bombarded with all the time?

I know I do. I get to the stage where I stop doing anything for myself because I feel that I've failed on so many levels, I haven't meditated for a week or I've not done my movement practice or I haven't done any oil pulling or I've not had my green smoothie.

We are told that we need to do so many things to stay healthy that sometimes it gets easier to just do nothing at all. Doing nothing at all also has it's complications, not taking care of yourself can lead to health problems, more stress and anxiety, depression. And so how do you go about finding a happy medium? A healthy balance when faced with all this overwhelm?

Do one thing consistently every day

That's it. Do one thing consistently every day. And that one thing needs to be simple for you to incorporate into your life and it has to be something that you enjoy. There's absolutely no point in choosing to meditate for 15 minutes a day in silence every single day if you can't stand sitting and don't like the silence. Choose something that is achievable. An easy win. A technique that I've found really helpful to remind me to do one thing is to set an alarm to go off every 40 minutes when I am working to give myself a break.

Here are some of my easy wins, perhaps you'll see one that speaks to you -

    •    Have a drink of water
    •    Stand barefoot on the grass
    •    Look up at the sky
    •    Dance to one song that I enjoy
    •    Drink a green smoothie
    •    Go for a 10 minute walk
    •    Say thank you for 3 things in my life
    •    Make an little space filled with precious things to inspire me for the day
    •    Get myself some flowers
    •    Read a chapter of a book

Adding these moments regularly to my day is not difficult and they help me to stay connected to myself. I call them embodiment rituals.

To be embodied is to be connected to yourself. The more we disconnect through work the less we are able to be truly ourselves and society encourages us to live in a state of disconnection. When we are embodied we can live more in a state of flow, we can hear our own inner voice or intuition as a guide and we are more relaxed. Try this technique for a week and then reflect on what it brings to you. Do you feel more embodied?  More connected to yourself? More able to tap into your intuition?