10 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have Their Own Life Coach

coaching connection Feb 20, 2018

Have you ever worked with a life coach or mentor? Personally I work with a number of coaches and mentors on a regular basis however it wasn't always like this for me.  I used to think that I shouldn't need to work with a coach because I was a yoga teacher and so I thought that I should know what I was doing with my life...especially as I was guiding others in their lives. I believed that life coaches were for people who were having a life crisis. Life coaches were not for people who were succeeding at life.

My view changed after participating in a life coaching session on abundance with Elena Brower and my relationship to money shifted dramatically.  Yoga teachers, life coaches and mentors need the support of other teachers, coaches and mentors, this investment of time and energy makes up an essential part of your own personal development. 

I would like to share with you 10 reasons why working with a coach or mentor has been invaluable to my journey -

  1. Life coaching enhances your current life

  2. Working alongside a coach you shift in ways you never imagined possible

  3. A coach helps you to see new opportunities for growth that you might have overlooked

  4. A coach encourages you to look at things differently, to take risks that you would not have done on your own, or that you would have taken much longer to do

  5. Working with a coach you can accelerate your learning and progress much faster and further down your chosen path

  6. A coach helps you to see blockages that you are blinded to so that you can confront them and deal with them

  7. Working with a coach enhances your abundance

  8. You will develop an unwavering integrity towards yourself and your commitments to others

  9. You learn how to really put yourself first before attending to the needs of others

  10. You accept yourself fully, your coach helps you to see when you are in your ego which might be hindering your own progress

A coach reminds you that "you are the writer of your own story". If you are curious as to whether life coaching could be life enhancing for you do connect with me