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3 steps to Immediately Reduce your Stress Levels

Heart racing, breath coming short and fast, palms sweaty, nausea in your stomach, tightness in the your chest...we've all experienced the physical sensations associated with stress.  Did you know that there is a really simple exercise that you can do to reduce the physical symptoms that you feel as a result of your fight or flight mechanics?  And this exercise doesn't need any special equipment or even a quiet space, you can do it wherever you are, even in the midst of a crowded tube train.

The Purple Cloak

Until recently I have been extremely affected by other people’s emotions.  The purple cloak is the answer. If someone came to class and they were unhappy or elated I would feel it. Often I would finish teaching and either go off into a corner and cry or I’d feel too elated and wired.  I then learnt about how to protect myself from other people’s energies.  


As I delve deeper into my self I begin to experience a new found freedom,
My faces fall away, the pretence, the hiding, the “love me”, the “I’m not good enough.”
I stand exposed in my own brilliance
Unafraid to shine.


Depression. Feelings of despair, great sadness, worthlessness, a label that has become ubiquitous. Is this a product of the consumer-driven society fueled by images of perfection? Why does anyone need to suffer trying to live up to this imagined ideal?


During Summer School last week with Elena Brower, it was suggested that we do an exercise which involved writing down all the judgements that we might have over the coming days about other people, situations or things. She then asked us to


From a young age I suffered from very low self esteem. I judged myself constantly, comparing myself against other people, with a warped sense of my own identity. I was terrified of being on my own, of being myself and I didn’t know how to love myself.

Our deepest fear...

Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, 

Nobody is perfect. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, the age that we live in is so different to how it was even 10 years ago.  I use all of them, to either promote my business, to provide people with information or to share photos with friends.  However I do find myself struggling to not make judgments about other people when

How to deal with breakdowns?

I hate it when things go wrong, when I feel like I lose control of a situation. Recently I was driving to my yoga class in Mimizan Plage, an hour from my home. I was motoring along making good time, I checked the petrol gage as I passed a station, still a quarter full so no need to stop. And then 10 minutes

Isn't it strange how change happens when we least expect it? When we aren't focusing on something, it suddenly comes to us. Remember the saying a watched pot never boils? Well I believe it's the same thing with life.