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200 Hour Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training 

I am the lead instructor for the Yoga Beach House Yoga Teacher Training 200 certification. This is a comprehensive yoga teacher training following the guidelines set out by the Yoga Alliance for Registered Yoga Schools. Our teacher training concentrates on Classical, Vinyasa and Yin yoga poses, brought together by a unique blend of vinyasa flows which are accessible to all levels and abilities. The yoga taught is drawn from Swami Sivananda and T. Krishnamacharya lineages.  

I have designed the course to provide a comprehensive foundation for teaching yoga skilfully with humility, compassion and integrity. The course also provides an in-depth study into the practices of yoga in our modern world.

As a student you will be guided to become an ethical leader, encouraging self enquiry leading to embracing yourself with mindfulness and acceptance, cultivating a philosophy of oneness. For those of you who wish to teach, the training provides the tools to undertake this calling confidently whilst maintaining humility and mindfulness.

It was an amazing experience that changed my life, I’m happy to have made my formation with Rachel by my side. I’m proud to be part of Yoga Beach House.

— Paulina, TTC Graduate 2016

Teacher Training groups are small enabling you to benefit from one on one tuition with teachers and creating a close family environment.  You participate in a yogic lifestyle from day one at the Yoga Beach House, encouraging and promoting this new lifestyle to become your new norm.

This yoga teacher training offers a holistic approach to yoga which combines the wisdom of traditional yoga teachings with contemporary understandings in areas such as anatomy, emotional wellbeing and spirituality.   This creates the possibility to embark on your own personal self-enquiry which in turn can lead to life changing self transformation.

In addition to the 200 hour program, I offer advanced training for students and qualified teachers, including immersions, prenatal training, business of yoga training.   

Rachel teaches a rich and complete yoga that she transmits with great love. I am eternally grateful.
— Gwendoline, TTC Graduate 2016