I am passionate about enabling you to evolve from your past to live a life of abundance and integrity, empowering you through positive transformation

Congratulations on taking the first steps towards your own journey of self discovery, I'm so happy you are here. There are many ways that you can work with me, whether it be through yoga, mediation, coaching, teacher training or a combination of all. Take a look around to see what inspires you into action.

You may be interested in getting started by looking at my Evolve Yourself 12 week coaching programme or if you’re not quite ready for that you can check out how and where you can practice yoga with me.


Regular yoga and meditation classes can help to increase your relationship to yourself, providing you with a safe environment to explore issues you might be facing. Classes could be for you if you are looking for some more me time to help increase your own self confidence. Practice here.

Zen atmosphere, warm and relaxed with Rachel for a yoga full of generosity, which is physical yet full of tolerance, yes, they go together!
— Laurie, Tripadvisor


Teacher training could be for you if you have a regular yoga practice and you are looking to further this practice or teach yoga to others. Learn here.

I did my yoga teacher training at Yoga Beach House with Rachel, and it was an extraordinary, rich and intense experience. Rachel is warm, smiling, listening and understanding.
— Aurelie, TTC Graduate, 2016


Evolve Yourself is a 12 week coaching programme for people who are unsatisfied with their current life. On the surface? It’s about learning to love yourself.
But really? It’s about creating and living the life of your dreams. Evolve here..

I’m happy and lucky to work with you and share this experience. I’m satisfied and well treated. I received support, guidance and love through my difficult times. …I like the approach you use in yoga and personal development to guide and support any situation and need. I like the way you stay neutral, natural and fair. I like the help you offer while staying professional, protected, graceful and elegant. I like the respect you give for me as an individual and the time you allow for my body-mind-spirit to do challenging positions or manage challenging situations.
— Nora, Cardiologist