In both her professional and personal lives, Rachel has evolved a state of shame and lack into a life of clarity and abundance. Her fear and her doubt have transformed to become a thriving business with integrity, doing work she loves. 

— Elena Brower



I have learned how to set healthy boundaries for myself accept myself on a much deeper level ....that it’s OK to sometimes slow down. Rachel has this thing about her that after speaking to her you feel totally calm and held. She honestly changed my life.

— Caroline

I like the approach you use in yoga and personal development to guide and support any situation and need. I like the way you stay neutral, natural and fair. I like the help you offer while staying professional, protected, graceful and elegant.

— Nora

Thanks to my time with Rachel I feel that I can achieve a life of my dreams, and I know I have the skills and power to make my dreams a reality. I am eternally grateful for everything that happened. What you are doing is so inspirational. I cannot thank you enough.

— Ruth

Rachel is incredibly committed to her students, course and yoga (of course), to give so much to the course both emotionally, and in terms of sheer hours is amazing. 

- Laura

The transformation you initiated and the process you set me up for is helping me to be much more with people, because I’m more with myself. I never thought things would start to happen so quickly! Thank you Rachel. Not many people have changed my life as much as you did and still do.

— Julia

The life coaching sessions were truly a life changing experience for me. Rachel really helped me to start a new relationship based on self-respect and self-love. The 'wholeness' of her approach helped me heal and begin anew in many areas of my Life. Her guidance and compassion helped me re-connect with my heart.

- Nadege

Rachel was supportive and understanding while maintaining discipline and providing confident guidance

- Lily

Rachel was an incredible teacher and mentor

- Ruth

Rachel gives a rich and complete teaching of Yoga that she transmits with great love. I became a yoga teacher in a privileged setting where love, solidarity and respect are the key words and where teaching is as intense as it is effective. I learned a lot more than I could have imagined and feel like part of their community. A community in which I put my lessons into practice and to whom I was able to teach, during the training. I am eternally grateful to her.

- Gwendoline 

Rachel was always there for me, supporting me in every moment as teacher, mentor and friend. Rachel has the talent to make yourself grow beyond all limits, find and develop into the best, strongest and most beautiful you

- Cindy