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21 Day Sobriety Challenge

Are you ready for it?

Do you know how powerful you really are? do you know how to access that power? 

I used to believe that as long as I looked good on the outside no-one would ever guess how much I was suffering on the inside. 

Looking good was my super power. 

However inside my reality was the opposite - I had chronic low self esteem, I was jealous and judgemental, comparing and critical, my self talk was nothing short of abusive, I was afraid of never having enough of anything, of not being perfect enough, in short I despised myself.

Life was a struggle. 

My problems manifested in years of alcohol and sexual abuse, anxiety, depression and burn-out.  After years of working with various life coaches, therapists, and yoga teachers I finally realised everything stemmed from my complete lack of self care.  

Through the adoption of a rigorous self care routine I learnt how to evolve into the woman that I am today. I want to share with you everything that I have learnt about empowerment through self care, including accepting abundance, integrity and intuition into your life, enabling you to serve yourself and your clients more effectively.

Self care is now my super power.

You are in the right place if you struggle with your own self care routine, self esteem, perfectionism and self confidence, if you suffer from anxiety and depression or if you have an addiction. Enter your email below to join my conversation and receive my emails.

“You are very powerful provided you know how powerful you are.”
— Yogi Bhajan

How can I help you?

I help you to reach your full potential through simple yet extremely effective coaching techniques. As an experienced yoga teacher and coach I understand the challenges that you face and the struggle to find the time to practice your own self care. Let me provide you with the support you need to progress in your spiritual, business and personal life, offering guidance every step of the way. 

Work with me and I will enable you to follow your path mindfully with integrity and authenticity.

How you Can benefit from having a Coach? 

Life coaching in itself is a form of self care, it will become part of your self care routine as a way to measure whether you are investing enough time on yourself or where to invest that time.  You can use a life coach to help you to progress further on your spiritual journey. As a yoga life coach I operate from a space of open acceptance, compassion and integrity. I combine yogic teachings and coaching techniques to help you to access your innate power. 

Whether you are a seasoned yoga teacher, a newly qualified teacher or even a yogi who isn’t sure where to start, I can help you.Why do you need A Coach? 

If you are invested in the wellbeing of others you need to be invested in your own self care as a priority.

Did you know that teachers are more susceptible to burn-out than any other profession? Add into the mix teachers within the wellness industry and you will find that more than half will suffer from burnout within their lifetime. Life coaching is a perfect way to help you evaluate and maintain your own self care, a yoga life coach is someone who is passionately invested in your wellbeing and your business. 

How to prevent burnout ?

Burnout doesn't have to be part of your story, prevention is easier than a cure. Putting some simple practices in place will ensure that you are less susceptible to it, starting with your own self care routine. Self care is simple but it needs to be done effectively. Practicing yoga everyday for an hour might seem like a perfect self care routine, but often this it is not enough, I still suffered from burnout after using this as my self care routine. I am here to help you evaluate and maintain your own self care practice using all that I have learnt on my journey.  I write posts regularly on self care for yogis, take a look here. 

Do you have a regular self care routine?

Take a moment to answer these questions -

  • Do you find yourself working all the time because you love your job?

  • Does your daily self care routine consist of an hour yoga practice but you find you can't focus on yourself and end up thinking about new flows for your students?

  • Do you have no time for your own self care?

  • Do you find it difficult to pay attention to other areas of your life such as fun and family because of your job?

  • Do you lack creativity?

  • Is fear preventing you from teaching yoga effectively?

  • Are you competing, complaining or comparing in any areas of your yoga teaching?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above then you are more at risk from burnout than you realise. I can help. 

“If you cannot bless yourself then nobody can bless you”
— Yogi Bhajan

"The transformation you initiated and the process you set me up for is helping me to be much more with people, because I’m more with myself. I never thought things would start to happen so quickly! Thank you Rachel. Not many people have changed my life as much as you did and still do."

- Julia, Professional Yogi & Dancer (Germany)

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"...I have learned how to really care of myself and take responsibility for myself. I have learned how to set healthy boundaries for myself and others. I have learned to accept myself on a much deeper level. I have learned that it’s OK to sometimes slow down. ... Rachel has this thing about her that after speaking to her you feel totally calm and held. ... She honestly changed my life."


- Caroline Blake, Yoga Teacher + Blogger (Germany)

What areas of life do I work to improve?

Every area of your life is open for improvement. However it is more beneficial for you to focus on resolving a certain area of your life like realising a project or manifesting a dream to become reality. You choose what to work on, for example, creating a sustainable self care routine, improving relationships at work, at home or in the bedroom, overcoming a certain fear, dealing with a characteristic trait like anger, anxiety and depression. 

Work With Me

Most of my coaching is done via telephone or video conferencing Some of in person at my home at Yoga Beach House during retreats or if your local. I offer 3 ways to work with me.

1. Survive

Coaching on demand by appointment, when you need it most - 150€ per session

2. Thrive

Continuous monthly coaching from 77€ per month. Minimum 3 months. 1 session per month

3. Drive

Intensive 90 day mentorship program from 1,799€
(or 3x payments of 600€)

My Training

  • Bachelor of Science with Honours 2:1 in Psychology from the University of Bristol specialising in adult and child development

  • Landmark Forum Advanced Graduate

  • Yoga Teacher registered with Yoga Alliance - E-RYT 200

  • Lead teacher for Yoga Alliance 200 hours yoga teacher training at Yoga Beach House

  • Over 4000 hours of teaching experience

  • Internationally recognised teacher training diploma from the renowned Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in Paris

  • Qualified Core Strength Vinyasa teacher training with Sadie Nardini - Rock Star, Evolution and the Journey courses

  • Headstand workshops training with Kino MacGregor  

  • Over 600 hours of yoga teacher training

  • "Life Coaching for Yoga Practitioners" teacher training with Elena Brower

  • Anatomy 101 training with Noah Maze

  • Cosmic Kids Yoga yoga training with Jaime Amor

  • Evolutionary Prana Vinyasa training with Shiva Rea

  • Tantra Initiation with Sofia Sundari

  • Arm balances and Inversions training with Jason Crandell

  • Earth Medicine School with Pixie Lighthorse