21 day Sober challenge

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Ready to give the booze up for January?

You are in the right place to do this


100% based on my own experiences of staying sober


My STORY + love affair with alcohol began
when I was just 14.
I learnt that alcohol made me feel better about myself. I was hooked.

Alcohol made me less nervous in social situations.
I felt like I was fun with it, I could relax, I could talk to boys, I could let go and "be myself".

The trouble was I couldn't stop when I started.
I would have conversations with my friends about how they knew when to stop and why they stopped. For me it was a huge effort, I wanted to drink more and more and more……

Momentous occasions passed me by in a drunken haze, my 18th, my 21st, my Dad's 70th. Getting drunk stopped being fun and started to become a necessity.

Shame piled upon shame as I continued, relationships began with men that I didn't even like because I was too drunk when we hooked up and too ashamed to admit that and stop them.

My whole life became one big pretence. My work suffered, I hated the job that I was doing and so I had no motivation to even stop destroying my career, coupled with the fact that drinking was part of the job, Friday afternoon drinks in the office or after work every night. There was always someone to support my habit.

No-one really said anything to me about my drinking, even though I was obviously suffering. I took countless online quizzes to find out if I might have a drinking problem but still they managed to persuade me that I was normal, everyone was doing it, I didn't have a problem.

Until I made the decision that I didn’t want to drink anymore. It had to be my decision and it was the best one I have ever made.

However it’s not enough to just decide to stop for a bit.

I needed to put some work in to make it sustainable. I can’t remember how many times I have stopped drinking to then start again. And the starting always happened around the same time each year. CHRISTMAS. Until I created a survival guide to get me through the holiday season.

I wonder if any of my story resonates with you?
Do you drink to feel more confident?
Do you find it difficult to just have one drink?
Do you want to stop but need some help?

What if you could wake up and…






You can experience the JOY of being sober!

You can wake up hangover free!

You can have more money to spend on other things.


You can experience the fun of life choosing to be alcohol free.

You can define your own relationship and work out boundaries to alcohol. 

You can experience the unlimited positive side effects to sobriety!

You can learn how the alcohol industry manipulates you.

You can be given tools to explore your own sobriety effectively.

You can be supported during the process.

You can learn that you have a choice.

I really feel you sharing your story has kick started something in me that has helped me already to ditch the wine and I genuinely feel like I don’t need it anymore to help get through to the next day.
I enjoy my evenings with my kids in a very different way now and look forward to not feeling tired in the morning!
— Miss C, Ireland

How it works

Each morning during the 21 days you will receive an email from me which will include an audio file and task for that day. Each day has a themed word such as commitment, why, when, impact, fear, voices, triggers, alternatives.

In addition to your daily emails, each week during the program you will also receive access to a one hour yoga class that has been specifically created to support you in your sobriety.


What it includes

3 one hour yoga classes, 21 audio guides, 21 daily tasks

an emergency audio for times when you feel under pressure to drink +
a recovery audio if you have had a drink
30 min free coaching call during the program (additional coaching calls at the reduced rate of 77€ normally 97€)

Why do this Challenge?

To ensure your continued sobriety during the festive period

To start living a life of JOY

To connect to other people who are on the same journey as you

To receive support from me

It’s really good value, less than the cost of a glass of wine a day for 21 days

It leads to amazing benefits, think of how you can impact your own life, your relationships, your family if you didn’t spend time drinking alcohol

Because you want to create a better life for yourself

You can remain anonymous if you wish, only disclosing your identity to me

I want to reassure you that your commitment to this programme will remain confidential. I respect your privacy and confidentiality at all times.


Ready for the challenge

100% no questions asked money back if you change your mind after the first 5 days of purchase.


I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for your sobriety programme which I successfully completed and am still going with. I had been thinking about stopping drinking again for quite a while but I kept going back to it.....the 21 days you did was so good and really made me think about so much stuff attached to it whilst being a supportive programme and not making me think I should be doing more or should be different. The short daily messages from you were just right to keep me going on it....In the 21 days I had my birthday (the first sober birthday in over 20 years) as well as dinner parties, works Christmas party, Christmas and new year. That’s pretty impressive! My reward every day was to save £5 towards a massage which I had on Christmas Eve and it was amazing!

Thanks again for sharing your programme and also your personal stories which helped me enormously.
— Miss H, UK

Side effects of this program can include - clear head on waking, increased creativity, more money to spend on things that you really want, increased self esteem, increased self love.

Your participation in this course will remain entirely confidential