Evolve Yourself

  • Do you long to be the creator of your own life, to take control, stand in your power and to create the life of your dreams?
  • Do you have relationship problems with a partner or family member?
  • Do you struggle with time management? 
  • Are you fed up of your career? 
  • Do you never have enough money?
  • Do you hate your own body?
  • Are you always on a diet? 
  • Suffer from addiction?

If you answer yes to any of these questions then the Evolve Yourself coaching course is for you. 

Throughout 12 weeks you will learn how to invent your own life, from creating visions for each area of your life that you want to work with to holding yourself accountable in these areas enabling you to achieve your goals. By working with your own integrity you learn how to take responsibility for your own life. 

The life coaching sessions I had with Rachel were truly a life changing experience for me. She really helped me to start a new relationship based on self-respect and self-love. The ‘wholeness’ of Rachel’s approach helped me heal and begin anew in many areas of my Life. Thank you Rachel - your Guidance and Compassion helped me re-connect with my heart.

— Nadege, singer and songwriter

You will learn how to shine your own individual light to its full potential.

Through a holistic approach that involves one to one coaching, your personal insight, journalling, yoga practice and meditation you will learn to become your own best friend. Together we will identify who or what is currently running your life and you will learn to put it in the past where it belongs, freeing you to live fully in your present. You will learn to identify the voices in your own head which inhibit you and deny you your full power.  

I started to do yoga & Evolve coaching with Rachel to develop inner strength and stability in my life. My needs were easily understood and my current abilities are very well respected and appreciated. The work was gradual, progressive and natural. I learn a lot of concepts, actions, words, angels, and positions. My journey is effortless, simple and full of progress. I reached all my goals and objectives flawlessly.
— Nora, Cardiologist


Evolve Yourself Coaching Program Options: