She decided to love her two halves as a whole,
Accepted and nurtured as one.
As her light shone out of her darkest secrets, 
Exposed they were no longer shunned. 

They strengthened her, showing her wondrous humanity,
Her darkness creating even more light.
Integrity poured from her beauteous being
Unable to hide inside her night.

Growing, stretching, leaping, flying,
Her darkness with unyielding light poured.
What if I get found out? A tiny voice whispered?
What if you don't? A louder one roared.

She embraced her whole being with a joyous intention,
To shine brilliantly, uninhibited and free.
Giving others a chance to glimpse their own wholeness,
To love their dark, their light and to just be. 

This post was originally featured on teach.yoga