The Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance

“I’m fed up,” said Head “I never seem to have enough, if only I could have more then I’d be happy…..”

“Dear Head, you have everything you will ever need!” replied Heart. “ In fact, you have so much that if you gave some of it away, you’d get more back!”

“What??!!! Are you crazy, silly old Heart!! Give something away, why would I want to do that? I need to hold on to everything I have, save it just in case. If I give things away, I will have even less!” retorted Head.

Heart replied, “I understand Head, but trust me, your efforts will always be rewarded, it’s called the Law of Abundance.”

Head laughed. “Knowing my luck this abundance will run out just as I give something away.”

Heart smiled. “Don’t worry Head, the law is such that there is infinitely more than enough to go round. The more you give out, the more you get back”

Head said sadly, “Oh Heart, how can you be so sure, calm and content, I feel so alone and scared up here.”

Heart replied kindly, “My dear old Head, you are always supported, you are never alone. I’m here.”

“But you’re not enough I need more than you I’m so unhappy in this life.” Head started to work up into a bit of a frenzy.

Heart stated calmly, “If you’re feeling that way it is because you are unfulfilled, you aren’t following your true path. The Law of Abundance has one rule, and that is we need to find our true calling.”

Head said, “I knew there was a catch, if I give I won’t get back because I’m not following my true path. You’ve got a point though, this can’t be what life is all about.”

Heart thought for a moment. “Head, if you were following your true path you wouldn’t feel afraid or sad. You wouldn’t need to question me about giving to others it would just happen naturally. We need to live our truth to be fully content, to give and serve others.”

Head stopped and listened. “But Heart what does that mean? How do I follow my true path? It’s so frightening to make a change.”

Heart said simply, “Listen to me. Let’s do what we love instead of worrying about what we don’t have. Let’s work together and step into integrity. Let’s give to others and then we can accept abundance.”

Head whimpered, “But I daren’t believe you Heart, what if you are wrong and I lose everything?”

Heart whispered, “Don’t doubt dear Head, believe and me and we will receive. We will be abundantly content together. Let’s choose abundance. All you have to do to is let go and trust. Give out your heart to others.”

Head thought for a moment quietly and finally whispered, “Okay Heart. You take control.”

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