The Full Moon and You

Have you ever felt a little over emotional, stressed or depleted of energy around the time of the full moon?  This is the experience of many people, emotions seem heightened, tensions come to the surface, it is a time to be aware of, to take care of ourselves and our relationships.  Many yogis chose not to practice the asana side of their yoga practice during this time as there is a greater risk of injury when the moon is full.  Ashtangis can take a break from their practice on full moon days, and often the days leading up and following a full moon.  The moon affects the water element, just look at the ocean as an example and as we are mostly made up of water it is no wonder that we are affected by the moon’s pull.

How can we harness this energy to our benefit instead of succumbing to pressures, tensions and general unrest in our daily lives?  The answer lies in the honouring the moon and it’s phases.  Being aware of this time of heightened energy in your life allows you to benefit from it.  Take time for yourself, take a hot bath, read a book, do some gentle yoga, meditation, go to bed early, eat wholesome foods.  Any activity that encourages rest and relaxation, the yin side of life, to counteract the yang energy of the moon.  In doing these things we enable ourselves to become rejuvenated with the energy of the moon, we can fully accept the light that she bestows on us and awaken restored and ready for the next phase of life.

This month the full moon falls a few days after the Spring Equinox.  It is a time for reawakening and renewal.  There is also a lunar eclipse which will take place on the same night.  Energies at this time will be extremely powerful.  Practicing yin yoga is a great way to share the energy during this auspicious time.  Yin yoga usually takes place lying or sitting down and allows us to remain in postures for a longer amount of time than a Hatha class.  It enables our body to respond to this stillness within the posture and open or relax more deeply. Sessions are very powerful with feelings of super sense of absolute calm.  I highly recommend yin yoga to counteract the energies of the moon.  Full Moon Blessings to all.