The dreaded beach body diet....

The dreaded beach body diet....It's Spring, the birds are making their nests, the lambs are being born, daffodils are popping their yellow heads out of the ground all over the place and we are starting to think about summer holidays......and with that thought comes the dreaded OH GOD.....the dreaded beach body diet, I need to shed a few pounds before I get into my holiday clothes.  We all do it, we comfort eat through the cold winter months to provide more warmth, or maybe out of boredom, or because we have the party season, you name it almost everyone puts on weight.  And then with Spring comes the panic diet, or the new exercise regime to get ourselves beach ready.  However have you ever thought about a way of life will keep you at your best size and fitness levels throughout winter, spring, summer, in fact all year round? You guessed it, I'm talking about YOGA!!!  Yoga isn't just an exercise class that you go to once a week, it can actually become more of a lifestyle change as it incorporates your full body and mind.  In yoga classes we are taught that none of us have the same body type, that we are all different on the outside, but inside we are all the same.  In that respect we understand why some people are more bendy that others, or why some people can do push ups easier than others but they might have tighter hips.  We all have the same insecurities, the same problems, the same worries, the same thoughts, and underneath all this the same divine soul inside of us, what I like to call our light.  The light is what is important in all of us.  The rest is just here to serve us on this planet.  If you start to look at your body like this, as something that you possess and not something that is actually you, you can become more objective about how you take care of it.

For example in Ayurvedic science it is widely accepted that every one of us are made up of a combination of energies or "doshas" however one of these doshas will be more prominent in our make up than the other two.  By eating foods that complement your energy make-up or dosha you are looking after yourself more effectively than by following a fad diet for a few weeks of the year.  You can find out which of the 3 energies is more prominent in your own body by taking this simple test here WHAT IS MY DOSHA with the great Chopra Centre.

Having done the test you will receive a list of foods, herbs and spices that will compliment your energy type, so in eating them you will begin to balance out your own body make up.  You will also find out what kind of exercise is best for you.  In learning more about your own physical, emotional and mental characteristics you can in turn learn how to take care of yourself more fully instead of relying on diets created by the media industry to sell their latest magazine, or the latest fashion.

If you are interested in learning more about this contact me and together we can create a healthy eating and exercise plan specifically designed with your body in mind.