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The Law of Abundance

“I’m fed up,” said Head “I never seem to have enough, if only I could have more then I’d be happy…..”

“Dear Head, you have everything you will ever need!” replied Heart. “ In fact, you have so much that if you gave some of it away, you’d get more back!”

The Full Moon and You

Have you ever felt a little over emotional, stressed or depleted of energy around the time of the full moon?  This is the experience of many people, emotions seem heightened, tensions come to the surface, it is a time to be aware of, to take care of ourselves and our relationships.  Many yogis chose not to practice the asana side of their yoga practice during this time as there is a greater risk of injury when the moon is full. 


This miracle drug is available to everyone without prescription, and it is free of charge. You can’t overdose on it, in fact the more of it you take the better your life becomes. Meditation is my medication, no less than 5 minutes daily for an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.


During Summer School last week with Elena Brower, it was suggested that we do an exercise which involved writing down all the judgements that we might have over the coming days about other people, situations or things. She then asked us to

What is "true" yoga?

There's always a lot of discussion about what constitutes "true" yoga - is it yoga if you are chanting mantras daily? Is it yoga if you get sweaty and hot during asanas and workout? Is it yoga if you smile, have fun and enjoy yourself? Is it yoga if you relax, meditate, let go and heal yourself? 

Nobody is perfect. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, the age that we live in is so different to how it was even 10 years ago.  I use all of them, to either promote my business, to provide people with information or to share photos with friends.  However I do find myself struggling to not make judgments about other people when

How to deal with breakdowns?

I hate it when things go wrong, when I feel like I lose control of a situation. Recently I was driving to my yoga class in Mimizan Plage, an hour from my home. I was motoring along making good time, I checked the petrol gage as I passed a station, still a quarter full so no need to stop. And then 10 minutes