The Purple Cloak

Until recently I have been extremely affected by other people’s emotions, however I found a solution in the purple cloak technique. If someone came to class and they were unhappy or elated I would feel it. Often I would finish teaching and either go off into a corner and cry or I’d feel too elated and wired.  I then learnt about how to protect myself from other people’s energies.  

I’d heard about doing protection meditations before, imagining myself in a purple bubble or surrounded by purple light but I could never figure out when I was supposed to put myself in the bubble and then by the time I felt the other person’s energy it was already too late.  It turned out that I was making a mountain out of a molehill.  

Recently I learnt a lot more about reiki and energy from my good friend Laura Kilty of Resounding Power.  She asked me if I protected myself from other energies.  I told her my problem and she laughed saying “Rachel, when you wake up in the morning, put on the purple cloak.”  I was confused, what does she mean, put on the purple cloak?  Will that protect me?  Is it that simple?  

Honestly I was dumbfounded, I thought to protect myself I needed to do a specific meditation for a specific amount of time focusing on this purple light or bubble.  But in actual fact all I needed to do was imagine myself beginning covered in the purple cloak each morning and that was it.  Every morning I wake up, I think about the purple cloak and ta-dah!!  No longer do I feel the urge to cry when someone next to me is pouring their heart out to me, no longer is my vision clouded and my thoughts muddied.  I can offer support and compassion without being drawn into their emotional body.  It is so liberating and absolutely essential for anyone working with other people.  Go and pop the purple cloak on today!  

Special thanks to my dear friend Laura Kilty of Resounding Power for her wisdom x