Our True Nature

Our True Nature

We are all beautiful beings whose soul purpose

Is to Love, create Love and to be Loved.

To be Joyful and to create Joy. 


Love and Joy are our true nature,

When we express Love and Joy we can do anything.

We are on top of the world. 


So how did we get it so wrong?

How did we make money and power 

more important than our own life forces? 


How did we create Division? Separation?

War? Hatred? Fear? Terror? Them and Us?

Close Them out, They don't belong here, They're not one of Us?


Peel back the disguise, the body we exist in 

And we are all exactly the same. 

The same soul fighting to exist in this world of our own creation. 


There is no division, no separation, 

No hatred, no fear, no them and us.

We are all beautiful beings of pure light. 



Love and Joy sustain us,

They feed and nourish us.


We need them to survive. 

They are as important to us 

as food and water.


Glimpse your own true nature

to make transformation in the world of your creation.

Spread Love and Joy in your world today.


Create a world that you want to live in, 

Create a world you want your children to live in.

Make it a world of Love and Joy. 

Moon Musings

Moon Musings

The Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance