Nobody is perfect. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, the age that we live in is so different to how it was even 10 years ago.  I use all of them, to either promote my business, to provide people with information or to share photos with friends.  However I do find myself struggling to not make judgments about other people when I use social media sites and so it becomes a bit of a battle in my mind as to whether I should use them or not! We are constantly bombarded by the media, we are told how we should look, what we should wear, what we should eat, drink, how we should decorate our houses, what car we should drive, what we should think and this seems to increase as time passes and as social media grows.  We can of course make our own choices in life but I do find myself making judgements about other people because of my exposure to social media.  I hear the little voice in my head saying to me things like this "Look at her in that yoga posture, she looks great, I could never do that...." or "I can do that posture better than she can...." or "Oh my god, I can't believe she is doing yoga in her pants, she isn't a yogi..." You get the picture.  I judge myself and other people by the pictures that they post, as we all do.  Thin is beautiful, fat is wrong, all these labels that we use on a daily basis.  As a 39 year old woman, I can't imagine how difficult it must be to live as a teenager these days.

Therefore during my meditation a few weeks ago I wondered to myself, what can I do about that voice, how can I fix it, how can I make myself nicer because obviously I am just a fake Yogini pretending to be really nice but in fact I am just a b*tch, I was judging myself again.  Then it hit me, I don't need to fundamentally change that part of me because it is who I am,  it is a product of the life I have lived, a part of me left over from my insecure self, the person who never felt good enough, or accepted enough and so drank to feel better and feel accepted. I realised I need to accept that part of me exists and will always exist but realise I don't need to give in to it, just like I have accepted, understand and love the part of me that drank alcohol to make myself feel better but I choose not to let it be dominant. In doing that I can accept myself more fully, instead of judging myself on ideals which don't exist.

No-one is perfect, no matter how they are portrayed by the media nor what they post on their social media sites.  When accepting this fact about myself and then about others, I can love others without feeling threatened and judgemental, I can love them for being them.  In accepting myself fully, my darkness and my light I understand that we are all the same, that we all judge others to some extent or another and that these judgements are fuelled by a longing for acceptance and for love, for a feeling of belonging.  Belonging becomes from fully embracing all of yourself with acceptance and then love, no matter what you are being fed by the media.  We need to teach the future generation this technique to make sure that they can survive and thrive with love and contentment in this increasingly judgemental world.