New Moon Self Care Ritual for December

New Moon Self Care Ritual for December

This new moon falls on the 18th December at 07h30 in Sagittarius giving us the opportunity to attract exactly what we want for ourselves in 2018, making this month's ritual even more important than ever!  Now is time to reflect on 2017 and re-evalutate what you would like for 2018.  This is a new moon for achievement, recognition and satisfaction, for taking on more responsibility and acting more responsibly.  This new moon gives you the opportunity to build a strong foundation for the future and make life more stable and secure for yourself and your family.

Take a moment to complete this short ritual which will help you to reflect on 2017 and create your focus for 2018. It is best to do this between December 17th and 19th when the moon energy is at it's most transformative.

You will need a pen and two sheets of paper, a candle, an insence stick or some sage.  You will also need some items to create an altar for yourself, choose things that are important to you, photos of loved ones, crystals, flowers, candles, things of beauty. 

Find a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Create your altar and sit comfortably in front of it.

Take a moment to breathe and connect to your truth. Breathe in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 6. Allow your breath to infuse your being and begin to reflect on the past year.  When you are ready open your eyes.  Light your candle and insence stick or sage and use it to cleanse your energy field or aura by waving it around your body for a few moments. 

Take your pen and first sheet of paper and answer these questions -

  • What have I achieved in 2017?

  • What did I love about 2017?

  • What did I find challenging in 2017?

  • What did I learn in 2017?

  • What moments stand out for me in 2017?

Let your thoughts flow naturally and just write without really paying too much attention to what is flowing. Let your heart speak. Be grateful for everything that you experienced in 2017, don't judge the experiences, recognise them all as part of you.  

When you feel you have written all you need to take your second piece of paper.  Close your eyes for a moment and allow the breath to infuse your being once more, breathe deeply.  What do you desire for 2018? What are your dreams? Open your eyes and begin to write using this prompts -

  • What do I desire for 2018? Write your desires as though you are reflecting on 2018, you have already achieved your desires in the same way as you reflected on 2017. Focus on simplicity and efficiency for your desires, make them less complicated and easier to meet.

Be as conscise and as clear as possible, the Universe loves clarity.  Once you have expressed all that you feel you are inviting into your life close your eyes once more and reconnect to your breath. 

You can end your ritual by placing both pieces on paper onto your altar.  Thank yourself and your higher power for guiding you today and every day.   Continue to read your 2018 desires out loud every day until the end of 2017 to infuse them fully into your life.

Enjoy the new moon energy yogis!


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