My Sobriety

Before finding my true calling I lived in a party lifestyle in London, I consumed copious amounts of alcohol and participated in occasional drug use. At first it was fun but it quickly became a coping strategy and a way for me to survive my own life. I was drowning in despair, self loathing and hatred. I was a high functioning alcoholic, I didn't think I could ever survive without alcohol. 

Yoga transformed me and my life, I was born to be a yoga teacher and coach. Since teaching and coaching a number of people it became clear that others too were suffering from the same issues. I knew now that alcohol didn’t serve me or my purpose in life. Yet I found it hard to separate fun from the substances. I was so conditioned to consume. I often felt boring if I didn’t drink and can still have moments of feeling this way.

Even after many years away from my former London lifestyle I would have periods of drinking, gradually losing my own light the more my alcohol consumption increased. A tipping point would always occur reminding me that I don’t want to drink anymore.  To enable me to keep my word to myself I have made a commitment to support others who want to be clean, light filled and focused but find themselves trapped in this cycle.

I aim to support and provide connection to people who have consciously decided to quit any kind of addiction, people who do not want a negative addiction to make themselves less conscious. When I am free from addiction and I am sober, the fog dissipates and I can clearly see the light filled path. I know too well that this can be challenging.  I understand that connection to others on the same path can ease the pressure to conform to social norms of negative addictions. My mission is to support individuals on a path away from negative addictions towards a path of their own true self. Is being sober and sane the new sexy? Connect with me to find out more about evolving your addictions. 

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