Imagine if you will a medication that can do all this,

Calms the mind.
Brings you back to your heart space.
Helps you to think more clearly.
Provides solutions to your problems.
Gives you a moment to yourself.
Allows you to protect yourself from negative energies.
Helps you to protect others from negative energies.
Makes you more organised.
Helps you to be more efficient.
Gives you new ideas.
Makes you a better mama, wife, sister, teacher, friend.
Creates happiness in you.
Allows you to see the bigger picture.
Stops obsessive thoughts.
Allows you to observe yourself.
Helps you to make decisions.
Gives you a clear conscience.
Helps you sleep.
Calms the fire in your anger.
Cultivates inspiration in you.
Encourages creativity in you.
Makes you smile.
Inspires integrity in your life.
Helps you to be compassionate.
Dissolves conflict.
Gives you peace.

This miracle drug is available to everyone without prescription, and it is free of charge. You can’t overdose on it, in fact the more of it you take the better your life becomes.

Meditation is my medication, no less than 5 minutes daily for an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.

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