How to Have a Happy Period

How to Have a Happy Period

Periods.  The mere mention of them can make most women feel a bit yucky, embarrassed and certainly not ready to talk about them out loud. I know, I used to be one of those women. I realised that this view wasn't serving me and so instead of seeing my periods as an inconvenience, a time to hide away and pretend that nothing is happening to me, a time to put on my game face, I've started to do the opposite.  In learning more about myself and my own self care I have embraced my periods. And now I'm here to show you that you need to do so too. Happy periods are a very important part of self care.

Acceptance began when I decided to stop using tampons. I hated the feeling of having a tampon inside me, something foreign sucking out all the moisture from my vagina, dehydrating me and desensitizing me, not to mention filling me with unknown chemicals and bits of fibres. I knew I didn't want to continue using them. I couldn't use sanitary pads which aren't much better, they are also filled with chemicals and not to mention the smell or uncomfortable feeling when wearing them. And the expense each month, I was sick of it. 

So I decided to try a menustration cup and since that day I will never go back to pads or tampons. The first couple of times I tried to insert the cup I found a challenge but it was relatively easy to get accustomed to. Here are my tips to help you -

  • There are different brands of cup, I use a Moon Cup and I use the normal size

  • Before using make sure that you sterlise the cup, you can boil it in water in a pan for around 5 minutes

  • I trimmed the stem almost completely off, I find it much easier to grasp the whole cup instead of trying to pull down on the stem to take it out

  • You need to insert the cup by folding it in on itself. Again the websites have lots of photos to help you. Fold the cup in on itself and insert into your vagina (you can use some coconut oil as lubrication if you need to) until you can feel the bone of your pubis, the bottom of the cup sits just above the point. Release so that it opens up. You might need to push it away from the vaginal wall a little to make sure that it is open fully

  • You might experience a tiny amount of leakage, this is normal, try shifting the cup around a little inside

  • To take it out, relax and push down so that you can take hold of the cup and pull it out simply

  • If you can't get hold of the cup don't panic, it cannot go anywhere, you cannot lose it inside you. Take a moment to relax and try again. You're pushing down as though going for a pee, so make sure that your bladder is empty

  • Rinse out and reinsert

  • To clean I boil my cup for 5 minutes to make sure it's sterilised at the end of my period and not after each utilisation

  • When my period is finished I put my cup into a jamjar filled with water, 2 teaspoons of bicarbonate of soda and a little white wine vinegar until I need it again

I hope this helps you to start loving your own period a little more. If you are trying the cup for the first time, stick with it, it takes time to get used to but it really is worth it, your body will love you even more because of it. I am here to help if you have any problems, just get in touch.


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