Beware of your own Mindless Thoughts

We are all susceptible to our own musings, with our thoughts we create our world, our existence. You have the power to change your own world through your thoughts, make sure they are good ones and not mindless. When I allow myself to participate in mindless thinking especially about myself and how I am not good enough, this is how I feel -

The voice is relentless,
The pain is deep, the anxiety real.
The wound open and raw.
My heart exposed and open for all to see, 
Beating out of my chest.
I can feel my throat tighten with each passing thought.
Tormenting myself, inflicting more pain
I create my own prison in my head.
My anxiety rises, strangling my voice
Until I can no longer speak.
Paralysed by my own invention, my own musings
I fall victim to my own mind.