It's Self Care Time

This Christmas and New Year I have been suffering with illness. This is unusual for me as I am rarely sick. However, this year I struggled through Christmas Day, was in bed on the 26th until the 31st and even then I didn't feel like celebrating. I was wiped out, I felt as though my body had just given up and said "Enough."

Today, the 15th January I am still not back to my usual self. I suffer from headaches most days, my sinuses are still blocked and this is taking it's toll, I feel tired quickly. However, instead of seeing this as a hinderance I am learning to make the most of this debilitating situation. For those who don't know me, I run at life with full force. I embrace it and find it hard to slow down. Yin yoga is very important to help ground me. So being forced to slow down, take stock and make plans has been very beneficial to me. Instead of cursing my illness I am lovingly taking care. 

I learnt that many other light workers are suffering from the same kind of situation. My reiki teacher described it as a detox for the planet, as though we are all being cleansed of toxicities that no longer serve us so that we can emerge even more connected, awake and conscious. So if you too are suffering with prolonged illness, fatigue, lack of intuition, a feeling of disconnection, do not fear. Take comfort in the fact that this upgrade will soon be complete and we will emerge stronger, cleansed and more conscious than ever before. Hold on, find the opportunity in the moment and keep close to yourself.

Your self care routine is more important now than ever before and will continue to be so for the reminder of 2017. Remember that we are unable to take care of others effectively if we haven't taken care of ourselves first. Keep up your yoga practice, journal, take long baths with Epsom salts and essential oils of lavender and camomile, read, listen to music, create, cook, sleep, meditate, anything you do to take care of yourself, more than ever before.