Full Moon Self Care Ritual for March - Master Healing and Embrace your Sovereignty.

Full Moon Self Care Ritual for March - Master Healing and Embrace your Sovereignty.

The next full moon falls on the 2nd March at 01.51 CET at 11 degrees Virgo, which is often the sign associated with hard work, perfectionism.  Paramatama Siri Sadhana asks us to look deeper and teaches us that Virgo represents the female energy, mastery of healing, precision, she was the great high priestess of organisation.  As the moon is at 11 degrees Virgo this is all or nothing energy, so you can either choose to surrender to it or not.  Paramatma also goes on to say that often Virgo is misunderstood as the Virgin when in actual fact she was very in touch with her sexuality and the power that it holds, she embodied sovereignty and she did what she wanted with great power, precision and abundance. 

So this is the time allow deep healing for you to then step into your female sovereignty, whatever that might mean for you, to recognise your own power and to then use it towards the expansion of your own creativity in accordance with your dharma.  Focus on each area of your life, where do you need an influx of powerful sovereign female energy to help shift your perspective?

Here is a short ritual to help you harness the transformative power around at present.

It is best to do this during or around the full moon but no more than 72 hours later as the moon energy is at it's most transformative during this period.  Spend some time in the moonlight if you can, connecting to her energy and light before beginning the ritual.

You will need a pen and two sheets of paper, a candle, an insense stick or some sage. 

Find a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Sit comfortably.  

Take a moment to connect to your breath and the present moment. Breathe in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 6 for a few rounds with your eyes closed. 

Take your paper and write at the top of it -

"What do I need to allow to be healed so that I can step into my female power? "  Take time to allow the messages to come to you, don't force, let your heart speak.  As you write perhaps bring to mind any objects that you would like to include on your altar to represent this release or healing that you wish to take place so that you can step into your sovereignty. 

Now take your second piece of paper and write -

"Where in my life do I need an influx of energy?" Take time again for the thoughts to flow, the messages to come. Where do you want to direct your attention?  Where can you commit to working hard so that the Virgo Goddess energy can flow, bringing life, vitality and power to this part of your life?  What can you say yes to without being afraid of the hard work?  Remember this energy is all or nothing. 

Once you have finished spend some time reconnecting to your breath.  Repeat the breathing exercise.

Take your papers and put them in a sacred space, you can create your altar with the objects that came to mind in the first exercise.  Begin to place items in the East and move in a clockwise direction.  When you place each item state clearly what you are releasing with it. Interact daily with your altar as you release and heal from all that does not serve you anymore.  Be sure to remind yourself frequently how you are embodying the sovereignty that you harnessed during this full moon.  




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