Full Moon Self Care Ritual

The June full moon falls on the 28th at 06.53 in Capricorn at 6 degrees. It is the time to contemplate what you want out of life, focus and move forward supported by the masculine energy that is present.   

Pat Liles shares

"With the Sun’s shift into Cancer, comes the Full Moon in Capricorn ruled by Saturn.  Saturn, The Lord of Karma, is closely conjunct the Full Moon and expressing in its own sign so is able to accurately reflect to us where we need to step up and take emotional responsibility for our selves.  No side stepping here.  If we’re avoiding important issues in our lives, living too long in an emotional rut, we just may get a knock on our door with a subpoena to show up for some lessons in setting some adult intentions, clarifying just what we want to build in our life, and set some new boundaries about what is and is no longer acceptable.  Saturn can help you crystallize into new reality what has just been hovering below the surface.

Chiron is squaring the Sun and Moon/Saturn.  That’s significant, challenging and a call to the internal, emotional depths.  When our lessons arise, old emotional patterns get triggered, suffering arises (along with whining and blame), we have an opportunity in the emotional crisis handed to us to step up to this initiation and challenge to learn acceptance and surrender to a deeper, fuller human experience.  Resistance does not get us where we want to go.  With Chiron we are invited into an alchemical experience of turning the most wounded parts of ourselves, the most painful, least desirable, most hidden parts of ourselves into true gold, true forgiveness, true self love if we accept the call to this journey.  Mars continued position conjunct South Node moving retrograde also wants to encourage focus on clearing the past to make way for the new.  Uranus’ trine to Moon/Saturn in earth signs is bringing a welcome change in the habits and structures that keep us small and limited.

I’m afraid this is a Moon of our maturity.  HELP!!!  Read more here from Pat.

Here is a short ritual to help you to step up and take responsibility for yourself.

It is best to do this during or around the full moon but no more than 72 hours later as the moon energy is at it's most transformative during this period.  Spend some time in the moonlight if you can, connecting to her energy and light before beginning the ritual.  You could even complete the ritual under the moonlight if warm enough. 

You will need a pen and two sheets of paper, a candle, an insense stick or some sage. 

Find a comfortable place where you won't be disturbed. Sit comfortably.  

Take a moment to connect to your breath and the present moment. Breathe in to the count of 4 and out to the count of 6 for a few rounds with your eyes closed. Light your candle and then use the insence or sage to cleanse yourself and your space.  

Take your paper and answer these questions -

  • What has been revealed to me over the past month that I am willing to now let go of?

  • How can I support myself in this release?

  • What am I hiding from and not taking responsibility for?

  • How can I be more adult about this situation?

  • Where am I lacking in boundaries?

Take time to allow the messages to come to you, don't force, let your heart speak.  As you write perhaps bring to mind any objects that you would like to include on your altar to represent the release so that you can move forward and rise. 

Now take your second piece of paper and answer these questions -

  • What actions do I need to do to take responsibility for my emotional wellbeing?

  • What new boundaries can I create?

  • What am I intending to build in my life?

  • Am I on track for that creation?

Take time again for the thoughts to flow, the messages to come and remember to connect to your higher self, the part of you that is responsible for your wellbeing and your boundaries.

Once you have finished spend some time reconnecting to your breath.  Repeat the breathing exercise.

Take your papers and put them in a sacred space, you can create your altar with the objects that came to mind in the first exercise.  Begin to place items in the East and move in a clockwise direction.  When you place each item state clearly what you are releasing with it. Interact daily with your altar as you release and heal from all that does not serve you anymore.  Be sure to remind yourself frequently how you are embodying the sovereignty that you harnessed during this full moon.  

Sending you love this full moon, may you find the courage to take responsibility for your own transcendence. 



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