Bye bye back pain! Thank you Yogawheel France

I recently became an ambassadrice for the Yogawheel in France which was such a great privilege. Little did I know how much the wheel would start to change and improve my own practice and posture.

I have suffered on and off for years with an injury to my right neck and shoulder, sometimes running under my shoulder blade, I was injured in a car crash in my teens and the effects of whiplash still come back to haunt me!  Until now...

Every day since I received my wheel I have exercised with it, quite simply rolling myself up and back over the wheel with my upper back and neck completely supported by the wheel, my feet flat on the floor and my legs bent at right angles to the ground. At first it felt painful to roll up and down in this way, my muscles and shoulder blades felt tight and irritated.  As I continued the pain decreased and I can now lay on the wheel with no discomfort whatsoever.  Furthermore my shoulders and neck suffer no more pain.  This is incredible. Through encouraging space and gentle daily massage I have managed to alleviate a pain that I thought I would have to live with for the rest of my life, a pain that I had grown to live with.

If you are curious and want to try it for yourself take a look at their site here.  Don't forget to use my code - ywf-yogabeachhouse for a 5€ discount on any orders.