Being your Mama

You took my heart in your tiny little hands
from the moment you existed in my mind.
When I first held you close our bodies breathing together
I felt a piece of my heart leave me to reside in you.

The love I feel for you is so vast, so enormous
there are no words powerful enough to express.
You are a part of me, I am a part of you, 
My soul reflected in your eyes and your heart.

The little girl of my heart connects with you,
Listens to you and speaks to you.
She whispers to me when my brain takes over, 
Reminding me of my own carefree love and joy.

Together we take care of you, we love you immeasurably
Whilst you gift me an unmissable opportunity to love myself more.

Mama x

A love poem to my heart

Moon Musings

Moon Musings