Morning yoga on the beach

It’s almost summer again and I can’t wait to teach yoga on the beach!  I started teaching yoga on the beach when I first arrived in Biscarrosse, before I had my studio space and it is truly magical. Beach yoga class start early enough for there to be very few people around, except for a few fishermen or keen surfers, we have the golden sands to ourselves. Relaxation is even more inviting as we have the soundtrack of the ocean waves to lull our minds into sweet submission.

Poses are gentle enough to warm the body up nicely but not too strenuous to make you too hot in the sunshine. My beach class is a Hatha class and is accessible for everyone, however I do recommend taking a class with me in the studio first so that you can get used to my instruction and I can get to know you and your body.  I can’t wait to share this special moment with you, for me it is paradise on earth.

If you are in Biscarrosse this summer do come and share this moment with me, you can book online.  Yoga classes take place every morning from June.

Namaste, Rachel