Prenatal yoga is much more than a set of exercises between ladies.

You've found out that you are pregnant, it's such an exciting time but it can also be a little bit daunting.  I remember feeling apprehensive and hungry for knowledge, I read everything I could, trying to prepare myself for the biggest event of my life.

Yoga was very important for me during my pregnancy.  It really helped me to connect to my baby, to take some time to bond with her, talking to her and sending her loving thoughts.  I felt a little bit silly to start with but once I got over that self-consciousness I look back and find that those moments spent together began our bond that will last a lifetime.

I also found that when I began to trust in my own body, in the idea that we are equipped perfectly for this event I realised that in actual fact it is our own minds which create the fear that we all feel around becoming a mama.  I told myself on a daily basis when the inevitable feelings of panic around giving birth began to appear that my body knows exactly what it is doing, it is creating a whole new miracle of life without me or my mind being involved at all!!  Another thought which really helped me to put into perspective giving birth to my baby was the idea that my baby was also involved in the process.  Sounds obvious, however we forget that during the labour, our baby has to work as hard as we do and if we forget this due to our own fear or lack of control or trust in ourselves, we leave our baby to work by itself.  We need to remain strong throughout the process and work together in partnership.

Practising yoga helped me to mentally come to terms with all these thoughts and feelings, physically I was able to exercise and believe me some of the stretches I learnt were nothing more than miraculous, they felt amazing to my growing body. Breathing exercises helped me to calm my mind, knowing that focusing on my breath would also help me in labour.  Meditation helped me begin the bonding process.

During pregnancy everything that we knew before changes, nothing remains the same, from our body to our minds, to our lives.  And we need a stable base to experience this change from, with someone who understands exactly how this feels when we don't feel blooming, or glowing but downright fed up because we feel we are actually losing a part of ourselves.  Prenatal yoga is much more than a set of exercises between ladies.  Some of the bonds created during these classes create friendships that last lifetimes.

I offer weekly group prenatal yoga sessions. Private consultations can be organised to suit your schedule.  By making this choice to practice yoga with your baby, you are already doing the best that you can for it before it is even born, and that is something that we all aspire to.