Letting go

Did you know that it is ok to let people go?  To make that decision that someone doesn't serve a purpose anymore in your life and that it is quite acceptable and even healthy to drop that person?  It's a difficult lesson to learn because we are programmed to think that we should be "nice" to people, to accept everyone, to love thy neighbour.  But what happens when that neighbour actually turns toxic and causes you upset and stress.  Is it still necessary to love them and to accept them into your life?  Not at all!

Recently I have been noticing more and more that there are people who come into my life who want or need something from me.  Now that is okay to a point and I am happy to give to them what they need at that time.  However I have also learnt to recognise when that want and need becomes too much, when it starts to become a drain on me, on my energy levels and my own family.  And when those alarm bells start to ring I realise it's time to cut ties.  Not in a malicious way but in a way that says, this relationship is unhealthy and does not serve either party.

Any friendship or relationship is about give and take, sometimes there will be more give than take, that is only natural. But if you start to realise there is no giving back, no exchange of energy then it is ok to let go.  We don't need to remain connected to those people that do not respect that very subtle exchange of energy that takes place between people. There are many energy stealers out there, people who are insecure, who don't know how to give positively back to other human beings, but rather they take at every given moment.  And I am not talking about materialistic giving and taking, I am talking about basic things such as loving and caring for another person, that subtle recognition that we are all one, all part of the same thing, we all experience the same pains and also the same joys.  Once you realise that another human being is not capable of giving you the smallest exchange in positive energy, you need to walk away from that person, safe in the knowledge that it is completely acceptable to do so.

I am sure we all have a friend who loves to gossip about other people, or who is constantly having one drama after another, or who says things when we see them that are hurtful and unkind, just to cover over their own insecurity.  This person doesn't really bring out the best in us, we start to join in with the gossip or the drama, or just go away from them feeling unhappy, and conversely we probably don't bring out the best in them either so more often than not maybe it is just better to start distancing ourselves from those so called friends rather than continue with a toxic friendship which does not serve us in being our best self. After all, we are the only ones who can make the decision as to what is good for us in our lives not some ideal that we should love everyone as we love ourselves.