New Year Intentions

Isn't it strange how change happens when we least expect it? When we aren't focusing on something, it suddenly comes to us. Remember the saying a watched pot never boils? Well I believe it's the same thing with life. If we are constantly trying to change ourselves or our lives, always striving for something different which is perceived to be something better, we will never be happy, however if we live in the present, and allow things to happen in due course, then we will always feel fulfilled. When we practice yoga we remain in the present, focus on our breath and change comes over time within our bodies, we become more flexible, more aware, and poses that once seemed impossible are miraculously within our reach. Our bodies adapt, yet this process takes time and cannot be monitored like a watched pot.

Therefore, this year I am making intentions for the year ahead, instead of resolutions. Resolutions determine an action which will lead to a change, and if I go by my theory above, I will always be disappointed in myself. Resolutions by defition are a firm decision to do or not do something. Intentions are aims that guide action, I intend to act in a certain way throughout the coming year, and these intentions will determine my actions and precipitate change. However I am not resolving to carry out one single action which can and will lead to disappointment.

This year I intend to live in the present, I intend to live a yogic lifestyle, I intend to be at peace with myself. And who knows what resolutions and changes will come from these intentions, however I do know that whatever arises I will accept them with a happy heart.

Om namah sivaya