Help! I'm detoxing

Are you detoxing at the moment? Do you feel like you are punishing yourself, depriving yourself of chocolate, or wine, or even shopping? I know I feel like that if I think I can't have something that I think I want. Our minds are trained to think that way. I want it therefore I should have it, advertisers are great at tapping into that part of our psyche.

However, there is a way that we can overcome our tiresome, wanting minds. Have you ever tried to listen to your soul, to your true self? Ask yourself these questions, Am I happy in my life? Am I happy in my job? Can I do anything to make my soul happier?

When you ask yourself these big questions it's really important to listen to the answers, those answers that come from the bottom of your heart, and not the answers that your mind provides, which will probably involve more chocolate or a glass of wine! Your true self always acts with love, your true self realises that we are all part of the same creation, that we are all one, and therefore it has everyone's best interests at heart, you could even say it has the Universe's best interests at heart.

Take me for example, before I became a fully fledged yogini, I was an unhappy soul with an unhappy lifestyle, job, relationship, everything was out of sync. I lived in London, one of the busiest city in the world, I worked hard, I pushed myself to the limits to be able to burn the candle at both ends. I caught glimpses of my true self when I practiced yoga but they were fleeting, my practice took place once or twice a week and after that I was enveloped back into that world of excess, of disappointment, of unhappiness. I longed to find meaning in my life.

And then I met my husband whose soul was as lost as mine. We connected, and we decided to make change together. We quit London, our jobs, our lives, we saw the real world, away from the corporate meetings, the lets-do-lunches, the bottles of wine after work. We connected on an even deeper level and we decided to make that change permanent. We brought out the best in each other, we allowed each other's souls to shine, to be true and real. He saw that my soul shone when lived a yogic lifestyle, he encouraged me to train to become a teacher and to take this path for my life.

Do you ever get a feeling of true happiness when you are doing something? You could be creating something, cooking, painting, singing, talking to others, it could be anything, at this moment ask yourself the question, does my soul sing when I do this?

When you find activities that allow your soul to sing, it's important to find ways to incorporate more of those things into your life, instead of ignoring them. We are happy when our souls are happy. A new diet, less alcohol, more exercise all contribute to this happiness because we allow ourselves to be our best self, the self where the soul shines through. And when we glimpse our true selves we experience true happiness, happiness that isn't found in a glass of wine, or a bar of chocolate, or a new pair of shoes. So carry on with the detox, the health drive, the new you, and when it gets hard going, instead of lamenting about your longing for wine or chocolate, feed your soul instead and feel happy!