Autumnal blues

I was back in the UK last week visiting my family, it was my Dad's 70th birthday, a great opportunity to see all my relatives and celebrate with my fantastic Dad. I was lucky to savour some of the beautiful weather that hit the country, the warmest October on record. People were amazed that it was so sunny, eating outside in October, unprecedented!! When it finally finished and the winds picked up, the rain came again, it all felt a bit like a glorious dream. And then the news hit that the stock markets were crashing again, and the UK plunged in doom and gloom once more. Gone were the smiling faces of optimism, and in its place warnings of the worst winter to come, the sun saying goodbye for another 6 months of winter, people were battening down the hatches against the weather and their finances!

Why is that we are all too often governed by external things that we have no control over such as the weather or the media, as a gage of our own happiness? How many times have you looked out of the window onto a grey, rainy day and just thought, I want to go back to bed, or conversely seen the sun streaming in through the curtains and felt a sense of immense joy and satisfaction?   I know it happens to me all too often!  And my wonderful husband has been know to complain about the sun, wishing for the rain so that he can stay in and do office work!!  Talk about our moods being affected by our surroundings….

I love all the different seasons, I love to watch the trees changing, the beautiful colours of autumn, the stark bareness of winter, the awakening of spring and the magnificent heat of summer. I do try to not let my mood to be governed by the weather or other external forces that I have no control over. I find that yoga really helps with this, it helps me to see the beauty and joy in everything, by bringing me back to the present moment, reminding me that I exist as part of a much bigger picture, we are all part of the same wonderful existence.

Let's be in the present and really existing.